Moving To Holland

Top 10 Places to live in Holland

Holland is a country that ranks high when it comes to comfort, fun, good standard of living and safety. So, for those contemplating on moving to Holland, a country with a charming climate, here are the top ten places you should consider living:

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam: Despite its lack of integration with the local community, Amsterdam has got you covered with its serene environment historical/cultural sites (notably the UNESCO Heritage Site), accessible employment, lots of social infrastructures and educational institutions. Although, the taxes could be stifling, the salaries are competitive compared to other places in Holland and the housing prices are relatively affordable.

Utrecht: This lively city is the fourth largest in Holland. It guarantees quality education, a balance between work and social life. It’s easy to navigate and is dominated by the students of Utrecht University. There are also many attraction sites like the Dom Church, Domtoren, Oudegracht, the City Hall and lots more.

Amstelveen:  You can discover the beauty of Holland with Amstelveen as both young and old aren’t left out. The city is well-rated in all socio-economic indices and has a wide array of points of interests such as the Stadshart Mall, Cobra Museum, Jan van der Toght, Amsterdamse Bos, Goat Farm and the Ouderkerplas.

Haarlem: If you’re a lover of History and Culture and you’ve got an intention of moving to Holland, then join the jolly ride to Haarlem – the capital city of North Holland with an impressive historical background. It serves as a home to the Teyler’s Museum and is characterized by plenty of artists and craftsmen who are the primary inhabitants.

Den Bosch: Located in the south of Holland, the medieval city of Den Bosch (The Duke’s forest) is a beauty to behold with its well preserved landmarks that are accessible by foot. Popular sights to see include the Moriaan and Saint Jans Cathedral.

Groningen: This historically rich Holland city is an abode to over 50,000 students, scores well on the key indicators of life and features bubbling urban activities. Some of the notable landmarks include the Groniger Museum of Contemporary Art and the Synagogue.

Nijmegen: This Eastern city of Holland is located near the German border and it’s one of the oldest in the country (as it has existed for over 2000 years). It also remains one of the most important places with renowned museums of Roman artifacts and a place to make you feel more like a Dutch.

Bloemendaal; Noord-Holland: Whenever you’re considering moving to Holland, Bloemendaal is a city that shouldn’t be left out of your options. Here, you’ll appreciate the city’s culture, beaches, cool atmosphere and the night life. Some of the notable attraction sites include the Kennemer Dunien and Thijsse’s Hof.

Oegstgeest; Zuid-Holland: This suburb part of Leiden caters for over 23,000 inhabitants and offers favorable conditions in terms of tuition fees, medical fees and housing prices.

The Hague (Den Haag): This is a provincial city in South Holland with an abundant green space. It doubles as the seat of the Dutch government and the residence of King Williem Alexander. The Hague is also the seat of many international courts (no wonder it’s called the “Judicial Capital of the World”); the Schveningen (the most popular seaside resort in Holland) and other great architectural works.

Living in Holland launches you into a new European way of life. There’s really no need for you to learn Dutch before moving to Holland as it’s almost a complete English speaking nation.

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