Moving To Holland

What You Should Know about Living in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and actually, in the whole world, so naturally, it is one of those places which appeals to many who seek a new place to live. There’s much to know, see, explore, and learn about it, but if you think about moving to Holland, you should start with the basics – here are the main things to know about living in Holland.

You Must Have a Visa

If you are moving from the USA to Holland, you’ll have to have a visa issued, or you won’t be able to stay or work in the country. There are two types of visas depending on the period of time you’ll be allowed to stay – a short-term 3 months visa or a long-term visa, and no matter which type you’ll decide to apply for, just remember that every one of your family members that are moving with you must have a visa of their own.

You Must Learn Dutch!

Well… not really. You don’t have to learn Dutch because most Dutch speak English, but wouldn’t it be nice to become familiar with a new language? The locals will surely appreciate the effort and become friendlier. Taking a basic Dutch course will allow you to start small talks, to ask and answer basic questions, and it will be the foundation on which you can build your advanced Dutch knowledge and your entire Dutch experience.

The Cost of Living in Holland

The cost of living in Holland is pretty average and similar to many other places, so you’ll need to adjust your expenses according to your income. It goes without saying that you’ll need a job and it is best to look for employment opportunities before moving to Holland, just so you can better understand what your options are. If you’re moving to Holland for university and are interested in finding a part time job, you can always consider working as an English tutor.

Place to Live in Holland

Similar to the advice we’ve provided in the previous paragraph regarding employment, we do recommend you to explore your residence options before moving to Holland – it will allow you to see the bigger picture regarding your alternatives and the derived expenses, thus helping you prepare better.

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