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10 Reasons to Relocate from the USA to Europe

Over the past few years we can see a social phenomenon of many U.S. residents moving away from the U.S. and starting a new life in one European state or another. What are the reasons for this growing flow of immigration from the United States to Europe? Let us review the 10 leading reasons which serve as catalysts for moving.

Relocate from the USA to Europe

European Healthcare

Many European states like the UK and Switzerland implement comprehensive nationwide healthcare programs which are known to be much more efficient and accessible than those available in the U.S.

Employment and Pension Plans

European unemployment statistics show an extremely moderate growth over the past few years, much unlike the U.S. which suffers from a weak economy in some states. Furthermore, when it comes to senior citizens, Europe offers more extensive retirement benefits than the U.S., making it much more appealing to retirees.

High Taxes, Low Reward

Many throughout the U.S. are frustrated from what they perceive as high taxes that fund a variety of causes, not all pertinent to the wellbeing of U.S. citizens. These also affect state services’ quality and the population’s overall satisfaction.

Various Cultures in Short Distances

The European Union is a collection of many different cultures and nationalities which creates a diverse and interesting cultural texture, only a short train ride away- much shorter than the distances in the U.S. These are enhanced by a unique atmosphere and pastoral villages.

Cheaper Tuition

In general, there are many European states which offer a low tuition fee, making education accessible to a lot more people. Some countries even offer free of charge tuition in order to encourage diverse people to obtain academic education.

Paid Vacation Days

The U.S. is one of the few countries that don’t require employers to provide paid vacation days. That is another appealing advantage of moving to Europe from the USA.

Crime Stats

Many rural towns throughout Europe are quiet and calm, with crime rates scraping the minimum or being non-existent altogether, unlike some U.S. cities which suffer from higher crime rates.

Cheaper Real Estate

Some places in Europe offer remarkably attractive real estate opportunities in comparison with prices in some U.S. cities.

More Pluralistic

Europe is known as a very liberal continent which offers a more pluralistic attitude towards various populations.

Relaxed Pace of Living

Living in the U.S. sometimes feels like an endless race to accumulate as much money as one possibly can. Happiness is measured by materialistic success. This can sometimes wear you out. A slower European pace might offer a calmer, more fulfilling way of life.

Granted, not everything is peachy in Europe, but this short review can explain some of the reasons for this phenomenon.

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